Potatoes was a drone built by Morpholgis in his third episode of Space Engineers Group Survival. Potatoes is one of the most popular characters in XPG Multiverse. He was made to mine resource for Morph but when an AI system was activated in Potatoes there was some minor difficulties. Potatoes is was a great mining drone but he was stupid in every other subject. He would think everything is an umbrella or a birdie. Still even though he was dumb he has undying loyalty to Morph, W4sted, and Shack.

2017-01-08 14 24 57-Survival Co-op Ep 04.5 The Potato Strikes Back -Space Engineers- - YouTube

Morphologis and Potatoes

In the aftermath of Season One Group Survival and before the Start of the story of Season Two Potatoes heard Captain Shack monolouge about his duty to protect his crew after W4steds near fall from a Comm Array was brought up. Potatoes then concluded that "Potatoes is crew" and stopped the afterwards approaching drones from killing shack by ramming one of them, losing his flying ability and being heavily damaged in the process.