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Who is Captain Shack?Edit

Captain Shack is the most popular YouTuber of the three with currently over 319,000 subscribers. He plays a variety of games, but his usual games are strategy and science fiction. His most popular series are Group Survival, Star Wars: Empire at War, Stellaris, and his Space Engineers mod all the things Sunday streams.

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Series Edit

Stellaris: Season Two Edit

Stellaris: Season Two is Captain Shacks second Stellaris series. Unlike the first season which had a more Star Trek theme this series has a clear Star Wars theme. Season Two takes place when the XPG System Alliance found a wormhole in deep space created by Q and decided too colonize what was on the other side. After they set up a puppet state in through the wormhole. Q collapsed the wormhole. After this it is unknown what happened to the System Alliance but the story continued in the colony states which quickly collapsed after they lost contact with the Alliance. But, on one planet known as New Terra man continued to make civilization and after many years scientist of New Terra discovered that a massive asteroid was on a collision course with New Terra and that in nine years all life would be wiped off of New Terra by this devastating asteroid....

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Group Survival: Season One Edit